Residence application

Accommodation with all-inclusive package

Our students can enjoy an "all-inclusive package" in which the costs for electricity, water, heating and internet are already included in the rent.

Our warm rents are between 272,36 € and 503,00 €.

In the offer for news tenants are two different types of housing: Rooms in a shared apartment and rooms in the hallway with a shared kitchen and bathroom. Our contingent of single apartments is unfortunately very limited and usually fully booked. After the start of the rental period, you can put your name on an internal waiting list.

We also have special offers for single parents or couples with child/children and housing for the disabled.

Our advantages

  • Move in immediately: many furnished rooms
  • TV and Internet connections available
  • Common rooms for social interaction
  • Residence tutoring program
  • Caretaker service
  • Practical extras: houses with parking spaces, bicycle cellar, washing machines and dryers

Are you looking for a flat together with friends? Then simply apply as a group!
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Application procedure

First of all, inform yourself about our student residences and our rental prices.

Please read the sections information for new applicants and the FAQ on our website.

For the application procedure you need a valid certificate of enrollment or a letter of admission from the university or college. For degree program with open admissions we just need a confirmation from the university.

Program students must enclose their program confirmation.

Fill out the online application and indicate the preferred place of residence and the desired moving in date (only the first day of each month is possible). Once your application has been successfully sent, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation and further information.

Note: You can also apply for several locations. To do this, log in with your user data and create another application with your existing profile.

As soon as a matching room is available, we will e-mail you a room offer and your personal authentication code.

Proceed with the authentification by uploading your passport/ID in the online portal and accept the room offer by transfering a reservation fee. The fee will be booked as a deposit at the beginning of the rental period.

Please note the given deadline. After expiry of this period, the offer is no longer available.

After accepting our offer you will receive further information by e-mail. Please always check all e-mail folders (spam, unknown, etc.) for incoming e-mails.

Please send all necessary documents and the signed rental agreement by post to the responsible administrator within the stated period.


  • Where can I find my tenant ID?


    You find this for e.g. in our letters on the letterhead "Identnummer" or in the reservation confirmation.


  • Who can apply?


    Students of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Folkwang University of the Arts and Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences can apply for a room.

    External students can also apply for a place in student accommodation. However, these applications are not given priority.




  • I'm only staying for a few months. Can I apply anyway?


    Of course! Guests* have the possibility to sign a short-term rental contract with us. Important to know: Applications from guests will be given lower priority.

    We will conclude a short-term rental contract if you stay in our dorm for less than six months. In that case, a monthly surcharge will apply. You will have to pay a monthly fee in addition to the guest fee. You must rent your room for at least one month.

    The amount of this fee depends on the rental period:

    Contract period Fee per month
    1 month

    60,00 €

    2 months

    50,00 €

    3 months

    40,00 €

    4 months

    30,00 €

    5 months

    20,00 €

    from 6 months /

    Reasons for such an additional fee are, among others, the high administrative costs and a certain vacancy rate that arises with short term contracts.

    Example: You live as a guest in one of our dormitories for five months. In this case, as a guest you pay the regular rent plus a fee totaling 40,00 € per month (20,00 € guest fee + 20,00 € short-term fee).

    *As guests, we refer to students from universities other than Universität Duisburg-Essen, Folkwang Universität der Künste and Hochschule Ruhr West.


  • Is there a deadline for applications?


    No. You can generally apply any time after enrolling successfully or receiving an admission letter. However, the sooner we receive your application, the better chance you will have.

    Rooms are rented out all year round. The tenancy agreements generally begin at the start of the semester, e.g. 01.03/01.04 or 01.09./01.10 of a year.




  • How long are the waiting times?


    We cannot make any general statements about how long you will have to wait for accommodation, as it depends on many different factors.




  • Why do I have to pay a reservation fee?


    The 850,00 € reservation fee is required as a security for STUDIERENDENWERK. After you move in, this fee will be counted as a deposit. In accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement, the deposit will be returned to you around eight weeks after tenancy ends, provided that you leave your room in clean and tidy condition.

    Note: Separate conditions apply to our dormitory in Bülowstraße 51-55, Mülheim. The reservation fee is 1041,00 € and will be refunded at the earliest 10 weeks after the end of the rental period.


  • Can I view the room before I enter into the tenancy agreement?


    We appreciate that you would like to have a look at your potential new home in advance. However, we are unable to conduct viewings because, as the landlord, we are not allowed to enter rented residential property.

    You can nevertheless visit our student houses of your own accord and arrange with current tenants to view a room.




  • What happens if I turn down an offer of a room?


    If this is the case, your application will no longer be considered. You can simply apply again at a later time.




  • How long can I live in the student accommodation?


    The maximum amount of time you can live in a student residence has been set to ten semesters. The tenancy agreement can be terminated at the end of the first year of residence at any time with three months' notice. There are special regulations for exmatriculation (only within the first year of residence) as well as for program students and guests.

    Exception: In our dormitory Bülowstraße 51-55 in Mülheim, the tenancy agreement is always issued for one year. After each year, it can be extended up to a maximum of ten semesters.




  • What is the guest fee?


    Guests we charge a monthly fee, which is due in addition to the rent. It amounts to 20,00 €/month.

    Who is considered a guest in the dormitory of STUDIERENDENWERK?
    We consider all students who are not enrolled at one of these three universities to be guests: University of Duisburg-Essen, Folkwang University of the Arts, Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences.

    In this respect, the total rent of program/exchange students also includes this monthly guest flat rate of 20,00 €.


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