Residences and corona

What you need to know!

The coronavirus has turned everyday university life upside down. In the following you will find all important changes and information about life in the dormitory at the time of COVID-19!


Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Changed house rules

In order to stop the rapid spread of the corona virus, we have to change everyday life and habits, including in the dormitory.

Due to the increasing number of infections, house rules are currently being changed:

Groups of three or more persons are prohibited in the communal kitchens and on the outdoor area. The reception of visitors is taboo!

Violation of this rule may result in consequences under rental law such as warnings.

Keep a distance of at least 1,5 metres to other people! Your property manager will only be pleased if you greet him from a distance.

Wearing a mouth and nose protector is mandatory in all public spaces (corridors, elevators, washrooms and communal kitchens).

Please make sure to wear such a protection also during appointments with your property manager.

Common areas such as bathrooms and kitchens should be left even cleaner than usual.

Washing-up liquid, soap and a fresh cleaning cloth are sufficient.

Legal tenant protection

With its decree of 25.03.2020, the Federal Government issued a protection against dismissal until June for tenants who are unable to pay their rent due to the crisis.

However, the rent will not lapse and must be fully repaid.

Note: After expiration of the special regulation on 01.07.2020, the normal tenancy law now applies again!

Students help students

Do you want to help in the dormitory during Corona times or are you under precautionary quarantine and need support?

Our tutors in the dormitories connect students with each other to help, e.g. by buying food.

Interested? Then please contact Till Eisert by e-mail.


Coordinator Dormitory Tutor
+49 171 2277869

Till Eisert

Coordinator Dormitory Tutor
+49 171 2277869

Write an email

Information about privacy and your rights:


  • Where can I find current information about the coronavirus?

    Daily updated information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health. The Robert Koch Institute can also be considered as a good and reliable source.

    The latest news about the services of the STUDENTIERENDENWERK can be found under the following link: 

  • Is it currently still possible to move in and out?

    Yes, moves are permitted within the scope of local contact restrictions. The current regulations for NRW can be found here:

    Internal moves are currently not possible in the dormitory.

  • How does my move-in work?

    You will receive your key from your property manager. Please call your property manager about 2 weeks before you move in to make an appointment. Meeting point for the handing over of the key is your future student residence.

  • How does my move-out work?

    Please make an initial appointment with your property manager approximately 14 days before you move out. During the inspection, a protocol will be made of any defects that you have to correct before you move out.

    The final handing over will take place at the latest on the last workday before the end of your tenancy agreement. Ideally, you should come to this appointment yourself. If this is not possible, you can authorize a person to carry out the final inspection (consultation with us necessary). If you drop your key in the property manager's mailbox without an appointment, you will be responsible for any defects that are discovered afterwards.

    If you have to paint your room, we will continue to provide wall paint and equipment. Contact your property manager by e-mail or telephone. He will place the requested material in front of his office door at an agreed time.

  • I am obliged to a 14-day quarantine when I enter the country. Can I spend the quarantine in the dormitory?

    No. If you are quarantined due to entry regulations, you will have to find your own accommodation for this period. Since you will usually live in shared flats or corridor communities in our student residences, we cannot guarantee quarantine conditions. For this reason, you can only move in after the quarantine period is over.

    The risk areas are defined by the Federal Government and published by the Robert Koch Institute:


  • Can I present a negative test to avoid a quarantine?

    Yes. If we have a negative coronavirus test result, you can move into your room immediately. Quarantine is not necessary in this case. Important: The test result must not be older than 48 hours and it has to be issued in German or English within the EU.

  • I am not allowed to enter my place of residence. Can I cancel the contract?

    You have the possibility to cancel your room if you can prove that you cannot begin your studies due to the pandemic. A fee of one month's rent will be charged for the cancellation. Corona-related reasons for cancellation are, for example, entry or exit bans or the cancellation of your study program.

  • My visa is not issued in time. Can I cancel the contract at short notice?

    No. If you need a visa, you should find out early on whether it can be issued before you enter Germany. Your rental contract is legally binding upon signing and cannot be cancelled because of foreseeable delays.

  • Is it possible to terminate my rental agreement for exceptional reasons due to the Corona crisis?

    No, the contractual period of notice is still valid.

    You can terminate your tenancy agreement after the end of the first year of residence (12 months) as well as at the end of each subsequent month, subject to a statutory period of notice of three months.

    Notice of termination must be given no later than the third working day of a month to the end of the month after next.

  • I can't pay my rent. What can I do now?

    You do not have to worry about losing your roof over your head quickly due to financial emergencies. It is important that you inform your person responsible immediately by e-mail about the financial difficulties.

    We will find a solution with you!

  • I have cancelled my room and would now like to resign. Is this possible?

    Yes, this is possible as long as there is no new tenant for your room. Please send such a request by e-mail to your person responsible, stating your rental ID.

    We will then check immediately whether an extension is possible. There is no legal claim to a rental extension or a new room.

  • I can't charge my student ID. How can I wash?

    Good news for you: Until further notice you can wash and dry your laundry free of charge in the dormitory.

  • How do I contact my property manager?

    Your property manager can still be reached by telephone or e-mail. Please do not contact colleagues directly and only do so in an emergency at a distance of at least 1,50 m.

    We thank you for your consideration!

  • In my flat share/in my dormitory there is a suspicion of a corona infection. How should I act?

    Please inform the dormitory administration in any case.

    If available, follow the instructions of the local authorities and observe the appropriate quarantine regulations.

  • I feel sick and am unsure if I have a corona infection. Who can I contact?

    If you experience flu-like symptoms, please contact your general doctor or the medical on-call service (Tel. 116117) immediately by telephone or e-mail.

    The local health authorities of the cities of Essen, Duisburg and Mülheim have also set up central hotlines:

    City of Essen +49 201 123-8888
    City of Duisburg +49 203 940049
    City of Mülheim +49 208 4450

    If you need help in coordinating with the authorities, e.g. due to language barriers, we are happy to assist! In case of precautionary quarantine or positive findings, please also inform the dormitory administration.