Communication with different cultures

Are you interested in people of different cultures? Would you like to find out more about your own cultural identity? Do you want to know how to become more sensitive to culture? Take part in or intercultural trainings or workshops!  

International as well as German students are welcome to attend the trainings and workshops! Participation is free.

You will receive a certificate of attendance and recognition for the certificate of international competence of the University of Duisburg-Essen (

The trainings are held in German.

  • general cultural training
  • 2 x in semester
  • Two-day training, online
  • Information and impulse presentations
  • Group discussions
  • Training focus: Intercultural sensitization and intercultural communication  

Participants can expand their knowledge of different cultures and develop practical everyday tips for themselves. The aim is to sensitize you to your own cultural imprint and to reflect on its impact on your personal communication style.

  • 1x in semester
  • one-day, online
  • information and impulse presentations
  • group discussions based on “critical incidents”

Goal of this workshop is to raise your awareness for your own cultural background and its influence on your communication style. The mediated techniques shall help you to communicate and collaborate with people of different cultures in your everyday academic life.


New dates will be announced soon on this site.