Tutors in
student residences


We, the tutors are students who are engaged in the residences for a friendly and integrative atmosphere.

No matter if you are new to the dormitory or moved here from another city or country - if you have any questions, we are your first point of contact and will help you to quickly find your way around your new environment.

Our services are especially available for international students and we support them in case of language difficulties, administrative procedures or other problems.

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Our services

  • Personal welcoming of new tenants
  • Support and orientation for settling into the residence and surroundings (e.g. assistance in setting up the Internet router)
  • Information on studying and living in the Ruhr area
  • Assistance with language difficulties
  • Organization of cultural events in the student residences

You would like to move in with us and have questions about the application? Our support team will help you! Here you can find the contact details.



New events will be published soon on this page.

Martina Wolf
Coordinator Dormitory Tutor
Ali Aygüner
Meistersingerstraße 48 a-e, Essen
Dormitory Tutor
kein Bild vorhanden
Rojin Afshar Moakhar
Auf der Union 4a-8b, Essen
Dormitory Tutor
kein Bild vorhanden
Mohamed Abdalhameed
Auf der Union 4a - 8b, Essen
Dormitory Tutor
kein Bild vorhanden
Adham Abdou
Eckenbergstraße 11-13, Essen
Dormitory Tutor
Ali Amini
Niehusmannskamp 15-19, Essen
Dormitory Tutor
Sreeja Rapaka
Sommerburgstraße 157, Essen
Dormitory Tutor
Mahdyar Safarianbarmi
Tulpenstraße 10-14, Duisburg
Dormitory tutor
Kavin Pandya
Kammerstr. 206-208, Duisburg
Dormitory Tutor
Masoud Kamanghad
Schemkesweg 3-5, Duisburg
Dormitory Tutor
kein Bild vorhanden
Maryam Iraji
Schemkesweg 41 - 45, Duisburg
Dormitory Tutor
Santiago Soares de Mendonça
Heinrich-Lersch-Straße 36-38, Duisburg
Dormitory Tutor
Mostafa Abdelaty
Ruhrorter Straße 66-70, Duisburg
Dormitory Tutor
Rokia Ali
Duisburger Straße 445-447, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Dormitory tutor