Hungry? We serve food!

Our offers

Our canteens and cafeterias are located directly on campus.

Varied dishes from fresh regional and seasonal products

Students receive discounts in the canteens that are below the production costs.

Meat or fish, vegetarian or vegan - there is something for everyone.

"Mensa-Stammtisch" with a look behind the scenes, for suggestions and criticism

We protect the environment and resources.

Elevators for guests with wheelchairs, strollers or walking disabilities and transport aids for dining trays

Children's plate for 0,50 €, warm up bottles and jars

Our commitment to quality

Organic pasta and rice products

for a homogenous quality and performance standard in the areas of food, hygiene, ecology, education and ambience

e.g. kitchen management, cooks, administration and ecotrophology

Fair trade, seasonal and regional products, waste avoidance through recycling, reusable deposit system and much more

Ensuring standards with unannounced audits

Bereichsleiter Gastronomie Essen und Bottrop
Head of Catering
+49 201 183-2323
Bereichsleiter Gastronomie Duisburg und Mülheim
Area Manager Catering
Duisburg and Mülheim
+49 203 3791907