Sustainable use of resources plays an important role for us, especially in our gastronomy.

Nature and the environment should be maintained for future generations of students. We work on this every day - step by step.

  • Regional products

    We prefer to buy regional products! We maintain a close contact to our suppliers. Milk, eggs, yoghurt and meat are 90 % sourced from Germany. Fruit and vegetables come to 70% from the region. Our regional suppliers include Neuland, Manss, Farmer Borgmann and many more.

    We cannot always choose regional suppliers, as we need large quantities of food for up to 30,000 meals per week. But we try where we can.

  • Fairtrade

    In our cafeterias, we offer coffee, tea and cocoa products that have been fairly traded and sustainably produced. The assortment also includes other fair trade products such as banana bread, chocolate bars and chocolates.


  • Organic food

    We always offer rice and noodles in organic quality. As a certified company, we comply with all regulations to be able to use and label organic products.


  • Vegetarian and vegan food

    By reducing fish and meat products, we improve the climate balance of our food supply. As alternatives there is at least one tasty vegetarian and/or vegan variant on the menu every day.

    For this, our canteens are regularly awarded "vegan-friendly" by the animal welfare organisation PETA.

  • Sustainable recipes

    We participate in current projects for the optimization of food recipes. With the help of the online NAHGAST calculator we have checked some of our recipes for their sustainability value and adjusted them where possible.

  • Low use of palm fat

    In all canteens we fry and deep-fry without palm oil. Only rape seed oil is used. Palm oil as such only ends up in our pots if it comes from certified sustainable cultivation.

  • Fish from sustainable fisheries

    We support sustainable and certified fishing and prefer to buy fish and marine animals from sustainable fishing or aquaculture. We do not use endangered species such as eel, sardine and sea trout in our meals.


  • Avoidance of food waste

    To avoid unnecessary food waste, we produce fresh and on demand. However, if food is left over shortly before closing time, we offer different last-minute specials in our catering to reduce food waste.

    15 minutes before closing time, we offer the Save Food Meal in all canteens and several cafeterias. In this, students, staff and guests receive a main dish plus three side dishes at a much reduced price. In addition, our Save Food Bag at the end of our cafeterias' business hours also ensures empty displays. 15 minutes before closing, you can get three products for only 3,00 €. You decide what goes into the bag!

    Any food leftovers are correctly removed and disposed of. We are legally obliged to do so. The waste is collected and fed into a biogas plant, which generates electricity from it.

  • Disposable tableware: 100 % recyclable

    Exceptionally disposable tableware? But then with a clear conscience! The STUDIERENDENWERK only offers to-go solutions (salad bowls, cups, plates etc.) that are 100 % biologically decomposable. The to-go products are made of bioplastics, such as lactic acid.

    For cups (including lid) we charge 0,20 €. For all other containers we charge (per single part) 0,25 € fee.


You have a green idea?

Then write to us!


Achim Herrmann
Head of Catering