Allergens and additives


In our canteens and cafeterias, we label 14 allergens and 11 additives in food and beverages. With colored icons in the menus, you can also see if a dish is vegetarian, vegan or prepared with fish, poultry, lamb, beef, pork or alcohol.

The labels for allergens and additives can be found daily at each canteen/cafeteria on monitors and/or notices. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the local canteen or cafeteria management.


  • What is the Nutri-Score?

    The Nutri-Score is a 5-level label that reflects the nutrient profile of a food or dish in a very compact form. The scale ranges from A to E.

    The rating allows you to compare different products or dishes in terms of their nutritional value. This makes your purchase decision easier without knowing the exact ingredient list or preparation.

    The Nutri-Score is not a legal requirement. It is a voluntary labeling. You can find more information here and on the website of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

  • Which allergens are labelled?

    We label the following 14 substances, which can cause allergies and incompatibilities according to the valid food information regulation:

    • a contains gluten*
    • b contains crustaceans
    • c contains eggs
    • d contains fish
    • e contains peanuts
    • f contains soya beans
    • g contains milk
    • h Contains nuts*
    • i contains celery
    • j contains mustard
    • k contains sesame seeds
    • l contains sulphur dioxide
    • m contains lupines
    • n contains molluscs

    * The respective gluten-containing cereals and nuts are named in the menus and notices.

  • Which additives are labelled?

    Additives used in accordance with the regulation on the authorisation of additives in foodstuffs:

    • 1 with dye for foods
    • 2 with preservative
    • 3 with antioxidant
    • 4 with flavour enhancer
    • 5 sulphurated
    • 6 blackened
    • 7 waxed
    • 8 with phosphate
    • 9 with sweetener
    • 10 contains a source of phenylalanine
    • 11 mechanically separated meat
  • Are possible traces of food in allergens also labelled?

    According to the Food Information Ordinance, the fourteen allergens that must be declared can only be named if they are added directly to a food as an ingredient according to the recipe. Traces, i.e. unintentional contamination of a food with these allergens, are not labelled.

  • Are there other ingredients and substances that are labelled?

    If a dish contains alcohol, is vegetarian or vegan or has been prepared with food from certified organic farms, this is also indicated daily on the display areas on monitors and/or notices. You can also use icons to tell whether a dish has been prepared with fish, poultry, lamb, beef or pork.

  • How does the Studierendenwerk ensure the identification?

    All products that reach the canteen via purchasing and receiving must be properly declared by the manufacturer. This declaration is incorporated into internal documentation systems and enables a correct declaration of the food recipes. These recipes are strictly adhered to during food production.

    In addition, all kitchen staff are trained to ensure that cross-contamination is prevented through compliance with hygiene regulations and targeted organisation in the kitchen operation.

    Please note: Since manufacturers rarely produce only one product, it can never be completely ruled out that the products contain proportions of ingredients that are not listed. For this reason, allergy sufferers must note that the food on offer may contain other allergenic ingredients in addition to those marked. The Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg therefore excludes any liability for non-prescription components of the food.

  • Where can guests find the labelling?

    The guests of our canteens find the daily updated allergen labels at each output area on monitors and/or notices. In the cafeterias there are folders with the corresponding information or these are available via digital information terminals. If you have any questions, you can contact the responsible management on site.

Oliver Lubojanski
Head of quality management