Current contractual conditions for our dormitories

Important regulations on quarantine and cancellation

So that you can plan early on, we will inform you about the valid contract conditions for future tenants from Germany and abroad.

Some visa offices of the German Embassy are still closed. If you need a visa, you should find out early on whether it can be issued before you enter Germany. Please keep this in mind when renting a dormitory, because your rental contract is legally binding upon signing and cannot be cancelled in this regard.

Quarantine on your own initiative
If you are required to be in quarantine on arrival, you must arrange your accommodation outside the student residence for this period. Due to the spatial situation, we unfortunately cannot provide you with rooms for the quarantine.

Please note that your move-in is therefore only possible after the end of the prescribed quarantine period.  

Alternatively, it is possible to present the negative result of a corona rapid test. In this case you can move into your room immediately. However, the test must not be older than 48 hours. The negative test result has to be issued within the EU in German or English.

The risk areas are defined by the Federal Government and published by the Robert Koch Institute:

Cancellation due to Corona
If corona-related reasons prevent you from studying in North Rhine-Westphalia, you can cancel your rental agreement at short notice. In this case only one month's rent is due.

Reasons for cancellation due to a pandemic can be, for example, entry or exit bans or the cancellation of your study program.

You can find more information about our dormitories in times of pandemic under: Residences and Corona