Lectures, household chores, exams, jobs, taking care of things: Have you ever been at your wits end because everything was just too much?

We work with you so that you can manage such situations more confidently with your network. The Care-Café is an informative, but above all an activating format.

Input and exchange for students who are there for others
The opening meetings consist of two parts: Alternating speakers introduce the meetings with an input session. Then your exchange phase begins.

You and your needs are the focus of the Care-Café. We give you the framework to get in touch and support each other.



No fixed location and therefore easily accessible for all: The campus changes from date to date.

Care-Café takes place in German. Just come by - we look forward to seeing you!




10:00 am - 11:30 am
 Campus Mülheim


10:00 am - 11:30 am
 Campus Essen


10:00 am - 11:30 am
 Campus Essen

Caring has many faces

When we talk about care responsibility, we mean a broad concept of family: family is wherever people take responsibility for each other on a permanent basis.

Our Care-Café informs and networks students,

  • who are bringing up children,
  • who support elderly, ill and/or impaired people in their environment,
  • who care for relatives.

Whether you take care of parents, partners, children or other people important to you while you study - you are there for others and invest your resources to do so.

Our goals – your benefits

The Care-Café

  • provides you with comprehensive information on topics that concern you in your situation,
  • offers you a platform to share experiences and benefit from others,
  • creates an environment in which support for care bottlenecks can be developed,
  • enables you to stay connected in the university context even during your semester off.

In cooperation with Hochschule Ruhr West, we want to make the challenging conditions under which you study with care responsibilities easier for you.

Our motivation: more planning and satisfaction for your studies with care work.


Marina Hambach
Advisory Services
Jaqueline Treuenberg
Management Family Office
Hochschule Ruhr West